All Shapes and Sizes
With over 7 years experience in the field I can add a breadth of experience to any project in need of a highly technical developer or team lead. I have software currenty running in a production environment in over 8 languages ranging from small single-user image editing applications to enterprise class ERP modules. I've developed software for both the web and client-application domains and I've filled roles ranging from developer to application architect to technical lead. I'm able to gain proficiency in new languages and environments quickly and I will provide value to your project as soon as I join your team.

Your Company, Your Solution
I have expert level knowledge of Dynamics AX (X++), C#/ASP.NET, and Powerbuilder as well as previous experience in Java, C++, PHP, VB6, and classic ASP. I have a lengthy, proven background in object oriented software and data design. Whether you're looking for a single man to steer your software project from beginning to end or a technical leader to drive your team to success, I have the skill, motivation, and experience to get the job done.

Notable Projects

Dynamics AX Implementation
Powerbuilder to C# Conversions
ASP.NET Business Process Mgmt.
User Mgmt. Package


Team Leadership, Developer Guidance and Mentoring, Project Management, Functional and Business Process Analyst, Code and DB Optimization Expert