Smart and Simple
There is more information at our fingertips today than ever before. As the internet expands finding and parsing specific bits of information becomes more and more difficult. Clean, efficient, logical sites succeed in providing these specific bits of information to those looking for it. Conversely, sites that are confusing, complicated, or slow are often closed before providing any useful information. I will work with you to create an asthetically pleasing, well organized site that allows your customers to find the information they need easily and efficiently.

The Next Level
With plenty of experience in web-centric languages such as C#, PHP, and Java, I am capable of building almost any web application imagineable. This extends far beyond basic HTML, graphics, and CSS to truely interactive and data-aware sites. From simple shopping carts, to online integration of your stand-alone products, if you can dream it, I can get it done.


Accomplished Object Oriented Programmer: C#, PHP, Powerbuilder, C++, Java. Seasoned DBA: MSSQL, Sybase ASE, MySQL. ERP Specialist: Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Team Leadership, Developer Guidance and Mentoring, Project Management, Functional and Business Process Analyst, Code and DB Optimization Expert